Promoting Lifestyle Changes through Teamwork



To help real people accomplish real goals by learning what it takes to live a total health lifestyle. 


When you see our logo, think of struggle. Think of hard work. Think of all the hardships you have to overcome in order to reach a goal. The logo is a silhouette of the company’s founder, Jodi Watkins. It represents the journey and the consistency needed to maintain an all-around healthy lifestyle. It represents the possibility of falling off, but having the ability to get back up and continue what you started. When you wear this logo, wear it proudly. We are a TEAM!

We want you to have a story. We want to help you on your journey and educate you on how to change your lifestyle to meet your needs and reach your goals. Not sure where to start? That’s where we come into play. We get you going in a positive direction and keep you motivated.


It's not enough to just give you a workout plan and tell you what you should eat. This is not about temporary fixes, magic pills, or working out until you end up in the hospital. With our online programs, we aim to educate people on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, reach their goals, and maintain the progress. We offer different levels of coaching and programs to suit just about anyone and any level. Contact us today so we can get you started!


what we offer


Health/ Wellness Coaching 

Weight Loss Programming

Weight Management

Nutrition Programming

Pre-Natal/Post Natal Care

Strength Training

Sports Conditioning




hear what our team members are saying


If you have worked with us in the past, tell us about your experience. We love to hear what our team members have to say!  All feedback is greatly appreciated! We learn through you, so please offer suggestions or any comments you may have!


Why online training?

Flexibility – Sometimes you have to cancel in person training sessions due to appointments or last-minute emergencies. With the online option, you can work out whenever and easily adjust it to your schedule. There is no pressure. As long as you get it done, you are good to go.

No time constraints – No more feeling like you have to rush through a training session. You are doing the workout on your own time, so there are no real time constraints, other than maybe work or personal life. Nevertheless, the plans are built around your needs and changed periodically to keep you motivated and challenged.


Why Trainerize?

The Trainerize app is our first choice in supplying our clients with all they need for their online workout programs.

  • Direct line of communication with coach

  • Live tracking of nutrition and workouts

  • Community

  • Workout video demonstrations

  • Proper instructions on how to carry out the workout plan

  • Nutrition breakdowns are included, which outline exactly what the client needs to do in order to reach his/her goals

  • Workout plans are right at the clients’ fingertips (app or website version is available)

  • Takes the guesswork out of how to accomplish your goals, whether programs are built for home or gym workouts

  • Easy to use

  • Integrates with apps such as My Fitness Pal and Facebook