2020 Was One for the Books!

Teaming With Like Minds is What Allows Us to do More! Check Out Our Collaborations and Affiliates to Date!

Convene Communities
I have always envisioned a place where I could build a community and share experiences of all kinds. In 2020, I was introduced to a man named Matthew Currin. He is a retired Marine pilot who used his pain and loss to propel him forward. He and I immediately bonded and in turn, I had the opportunity to do what I had envisioned all along - build the community, the Wellness Community, where people could share experiences and support and collaborate with one another. Use the link to check it out.
In 2016, a good friend introduced me to a personal training platform that was a true game changer and allowed 2BEpic to get off the ground. I tried it with a couple in-person clients and they loved it. What evolved became a way to train people without having to be right in front of them. We no longer had to be on each other's time. I no longer had to stop working with them when I left the area. It allows me to do nutrition and habit coaching as well. I highly recommend this to other CPT's.
Hyperswole Sports Performance Gym - Jacksonville, FL
A collaboration like no other! I envisioned a place where children could workout with their parents and where workshops could be held to help parents learn how to fuel their own bodies as well as their children's bodies. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and help build this program as well as the other member benefits that come along with being here. Matthew Thornton, the owner of Hyperswole, has built some amazing relationships and takes care of his members. Come see us!
Juice Plus - Fruits and Veggies in a Capsule
In 2019, I was introduced to a company that allowed kids and others who didn't get enough vital micronutrients on a daily basis to have an easy and all natural way of doing so. I love that my daughter is now getting the nutrients she needs to fight off sickness and I love having this to share with other parents as well. Set your kids up right in the early years and never look back. Not only does this help with getting their needs in, but it also can literally help change their taste buds!
Online Wellness Shopping Club
At the beginning of 2020, I had the privelege to be introduced to this online shopping club. When all other stores were running out of cleansers and hand sanitizer, this one had it all together and was ready for everything that unfolded. With over 500 products and the ability to earn an extra stream of income by doing what I already do - building real, genuine relationships, there is no reason for me to go anywhere else. Click the link below to learn more and contact me for more information.
Transitioning Queens, Inc
In 2019, I met an amazing woman named Jada Jordan. At the time of our meeting, I had no idea what would come out of our relationship. She is the founder of an amazing Non-Profit called Transitioning Queens, Inc., here in Jacksonville, FL. This organization is here to help women transition out of toxic relationships by providing them with a safe place to live and have the support of others to help them become more independent and in control of their own lives. Please consider donating. Thank you.
In 2017, I was introduced to a company that changed the nutrition game for me and those I worked with. This company is the epitome of quality and relationship building. We aim to ensure you are getting what you need and I am here to personally guide you in showing you how to fuel your body with certain products in taking all the guesswork out of being results driven. Use the link to get free shipping on all products.
Premier Physical Therapy Jacksonville, FL
In 2019, I was introduced to a man named Chris Kopp. He and I decided to collaborate and help one another reach a broader audience. I have worked with Chris and his practice personally and I highly recommend following them and reaching out to them for your physical therapy needs. He also accepts Tricare, so for all my military folks in Jacksonville, FL, go after quality by reaching out and scheduling your first appointment.
Shiva Robotics Academy
I had the opportunity to join a wellness project for the kids at Shiva Robotics Academy in Jacksonville, FL. I am truly grateful for the opportunity support this youth program that makes building fun. My daughter truly enjoyed her time in robotics and is looking forward to joining again soon!
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