2BEpicFN manager/coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer/Health Coach/Nutrition Specialist

Kelli Washington


Weight LOSS

Strength Training

Prenatal / Postnatal Care





Hello, my name is Kelli Washington! I was born in Illinois but growing up as a military dependent I was never really raised in one place for very long. I turned to fitness as an outlet during a dark period in my life. In overcoming that obstacle, I realized that I truly enjoy physical fitness and sharing the knowledge that I acquired with others. My objectives for training are not about  building brands or making profit, but more so about changing lives and being a positive influence to my clients. I strive to help clients achieve their individual goals toward making healthier lifestyle choices. After having 2 kids and being "stuck" for some time, I know what it's like, I get it. I understand making the healthy lifestyle change is a big step for most, and
I truly believe that having someone there to relate to makes the transition that much easier. This is my passion and I want to share it with everyone!