Health Coaching:

This option is for those who are not quite ready for nutrition/macronutrient tracking or a complete workout plan. Clients receive information and one-on-one assistance to get started and learn how to become healthy. I will check in periodically via the method you choose to see how you are progressing toward your goals and help you stay on track.

What is Health/Wellness Coaching?

I believe it is important to be flexible when helping real people accomplish real goals. Some people want to change, but they simply do not know where to start. Health/Wellness coaching allows you to learn as you go by providing guidance and tools for success. Some people are not ready to get into the gym and begin a full workout plan. As your Health/Wellness Coach, I will spend more time with you and answer your questions as well as give you the necessary guidance to ensure your success over time. Once you have grasped the concept, then you can begin a workout and/or nutrition program if you choose. 

According to, "Health coaches are professional health educators who provide lifestyle and behavior guidance to increase your academic and personal success...coaches help you define your health goals, gain valuable health education about your wellness, and come up with personalized plans for working toward your goal."

Wellness visits will include conversations about: 

  • General wellness

  • Healthy eating & physical activity

  • Procrastination & time management

  • Resilience & stress management

Please see "Payment Services" page for more information on Wellness Coaching

Workout Plans:

You will receive a PERSONALIZED workout plan in your 2BEpicFN, LLC Trainerize account once your consultation has been conducted. We will also send you a contract that must be reviewed and signed. Once payment has been made, your plan will be added to your account within (2) business days. We ask that you agree to provide continuous feedback if there is anything you do not understand or have questions about. Adjustments are made as needed. With our app, we know when and if you miss a workout, when you check in for a workout, and when you complete your workout. You can also message us right inside the app. All exercises are accompanied by hand-picked how-to videos so you are not having to play the guessing game inside the weight room. 

If in person training is requested, that may be arranged on a very limited, selective basis for a separate charge (charge/location is determined by your coach). We will do our best to ensure you are able to execute your plan fully and safely. Please be sure to ask questions when you are confused about something so that we can assist you better along the way. 

Nutrition Plans:

Our Flexible Eating Plans are built using specific calculations tailored to certain individual characteristics and goals. These are customized plans and require you to track your foods and allow us to hold you accountable during your journey. We teach you what types of foods are more beneficial and we also teach you the importance of sugar intake/fiber, and other micronutrients people tend to forget about. Most clients use an app called My Fitness Pal; however, the tracking app you use is ultimately up to you. We just need to be able to access your food diary to ensure you are reaching your intake goals on a regular basis. This is not easy and takes work and patience on your part. Remember this is NOT a diet! This is a lifestyle change. You will NOT change overnight. It will take time, patience, and hard work. Once your consultation has been conducted, you will receive a contract to sign and your coach will get to work. Once your coach has calculated your recommended intake, you will receive a meal plan in your 2BEpicFN, LLC Trainerize account listing our goals for nutrition. 

How does it begin?

We begin by using an equation, such as the Harris-Benedict Formula, to get us started in calculating your needs. Once this is completed, we strategically calculate your individual needs based on science and knowledge. You are given a plan that begins your journey in learning how to eat for performance and for goal achievement. 

Here is the Harris-Benedict Formula so you can get an idea of where it begins:


Combined Plans:

You WILL receive a discount on combined plans if purchased together. No discount is applied for plans that are purchased separately. 

Please see our "Program Payment Options" Page for more information on plans and pricing



We have 4, 8, and 12 month programs just for you! Are you committed to your health? If so, please continue!