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Epic Results

Customized Nutrition and Fitness with Accountability

This program has been proven time and time again to get real, lasting results in as little as 6 Weeks!!

We focus on implementing proper nutrition coaching, as well as customized exercise programs designed just for you! We also provide recipe packs filled with tons of amazing, healthy options, so join us today!

This program includes Nutrition Coaching, with Flexible Eating Plan and guidance/strategy calls for success and accountability. It also includes customized workout programs for your goals! Proven sustainable results!

Weekly accountability and necessary changes made as needed. We go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. We help you implement health into your busy lifestyle by lessening overwhelm and providing what you need when you need it.


You will also receive (2) coaching/strategy calls per month.

**Add on Calls are purchased separately at $99/call (calls are 45 min) - schedule here:
**In-Person Training/Meetings not included but can be added on. Speak with your coach about this.

Ultimate Life/Health Program

Individualized Health, Life, and Mindset Wellness Program

This program been beneficial to those who accept the journey, including the founder, Jodi Watkins. 


You receive everything needed to help you stay on track. 

You will receive a strategy call each week for as long as you like. This is a longevity program that is meant to help you change your life from the inside out. 

This program will take you through Jodi's 6-step process for total health and wellness based on her book, Reclaim Your Life, and takes the customer through a journey that will help with Mindset Development, Time Management/Productivity, Self Care and Balance, Nutrition Coaching, Customized Exercise Programming, and Accountability.  


It includes weekly one-on-one calls and all programs are 100% customized. It starts with the mind. You receive constant accountability, a free copy of Jodi's book, which includes worksheets/assignments to give you all the tools you need to live a lifestyle of total health and wellness. 

The Reclaim Your Life Program was designed to help you with mindset development, time management, learning to take care of yourself, learning about nutrition and ways you can fuel your body better, learning how to exercise properly (utilizing coaching and your customized workout program in the 2BEpicFN app), and making sure you have what it takes to be consistent past your program. 

This program includes (1) coaching call per week via Zoom (in person meetings are available for those in the local area). 

**Add on Calls are purchased separately at $99/call (calls are 45 min) - schedule here:**In-Person Training/Meetings not included but can be added on. Speak with your coach about this.

Reclaim Your Life Course

Interactive Online Course/Support Group

Want to reclaim your life, but maybe just at your own pace with an amazing group of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey? If so, check out Jodi's Spiritual Wellness Course in the Wellness Community by clicking the link. In March 2020, Jodi was introduced to this amazing platform and in October 2020, had a community and a course ready to launch with the help of an amazing team and other community leaders! Please follow the link below to create your free profile and enter into the FREE Wellness Community. You will be able to easily navigate to the course. Just look for Jodi's daughter, Jasmine, on the front cover of her book. Check out the community here:


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