“To train people how to lose weight, eat healthy, use the correct form while working out... Or simply give them workout routines is the easy part. But to actually be able to motivate people to want to better themselves.. To push themselves past their comfort zones... To not give up even when those negative voices In their heads are screaming to ‘just stop!’... That, that takes a special kind of trainer. That’s exactly what Jodi did for me. I’ve always quit when things got hard... In every aspect of my life. When I finally decided to get into shape- Jodi was there. She motivated me to want to do so much more than I ever thought I could do... And I actually did it. She pushed me- she held me accountable- she helped me to WORK past all the voices in my head telling me “I can’t.” Thanks to her, I got into the best shape of my life and I am honestly a stronger person, inside and out, because of her.”

—Evie Santos

“You always find time for me and are always contactable, even with changes with my day to day schedule and routine. When I hit my first plateau and got discouraged I didn’t get the drill sergeant, I got understanding, I appreciated that. When I got on the scale and saw weight gain, I got discourage again and then I made this collage, no discouragement any more, back to FOCUS!”

— Benjamin Condie

“Jodi has truly been an amazing coach! From her accurate assessments of nutrition and measurements to ensure that you are on the best and healthiest path for your own personal journey. She is tough but understanding knowing that everyone has slip ups including herself which makes her all the more human and relatable. I would not have been able to accomplish losing 19 pounds if Jodi hadn’t been there taking my measurements and providing the tools for a healthier me.”

— Kenya Monge

“I first met Jodi in a 5:30 AM Zumba class she was teaching. Shortly after that she became my personal trainer. She was very tough on me but I did everything she said. I do admit there were mornings where I woke up not liking her so much because it kind of hurt to move lol. Jodi was first my Zumba instructor and personal trainer and most of all my mentor. Jodi has always been there for me as a friend but also as my mentor and trainer”

— Jackie Huhn

“My husband and I have been in Okinawa for 2 ½ years and since our arrival, we’ve been trying to maintain our health and fitness, but everything we’ve tried hasn’t work. That changed once we decided to contact Jodi. After meeting Jodi for an initial fitness assessment, it was clear that Jodi was the solution we’ve looking for. Jodi has helped us through her motivation and knowledge of exercise and healthy eating. Workouts with Jodi are never boring. She inspires me to reach new levels which I never thought I could reach. I no longer fear going to do a workout, I’m super excited and look forward to my next workout with Jodi. Her consistent and positive feedback and encouragement has restarted my love for training. She’s instilled my confidence through her passion and enthusiasm.

 Thank you Jodi, You are AMAZING!”

— Regina Garcia

“I came to Jodi because I knew I wasn’t eating enough and wanted help with my macros. I felt like I had a good workout routine so I wasn’t interested in the workout plans at the time. I was always someone who relied on a workout partner, otherwise I wouldn’t go lift weights, I’d do classes. I hated lifting by myself, it intimidated me. I felt like I was doing everything wrong. It wasn’t until my husband started doing Jodi’s workout plans through Trainerize that I decided I wanted workout plans that catered to me. I love Trainerize! I am no longer intimidated by the gym because the app has videos that show you how to do the exercise and how to do it properly. The app keeps me accountable for completing my workouts too. I also love that I can contact Jodi for any questions or guidance I might need. Both my husband and I have seen huge changes in our bodies and we couldn’t be more pleased with our results. Jodi is someone who knows what she’s doing and loves what she does. She keeps both my husband and I motivated to push to get to our goals and we are loving the journey we are on! Thank you Jodi, we can’t express how thankful Matt and I are for all your hard work in helping us reach our goals!”

— Kali and Matt Metzer

“I’ve been training under Jodi’s guidance for almost two months now. Everything she does is done with Passion, Tenacity, Strength, Commitment, and Love!! I’ve never had a trainer who’s just as invested in my journey as I am!! It’s one thing to want your clients to get the most from the plans you’re providing. But Jodi fully immerses herself into the good, the bad, and everything in between!!!

 I never feel like I can’t complete the workouts she puts into my program on Trainerize (which is an Amazingly awesome app). If it ever happens that I’m unsure about the exact execution of a movement, the videos that accompany the workouts provide excellent visual guidance!

 She constantly pushes me to step outside my comfort zone and to keep striving to be better than I was the day before. She’s one of My Biggest Cheerleaders and a Constant Pillar of Support.

 I’m genuinely blessed to have her in my life as both My Trainer and My Friend!!!”

— Tabitha Moyer