Diane J. 

Jodi is an amazing personal trainer with determination and zeal. She is excited to help me improve on my weight loss and building my body to a healthier level. Jodi’s style of coaching makes me want to be better. Jodi gives purpose and reason for getting in shape and staying there. She is gentle, yet determined, and she will only accept the quality of work she knows my body can sustain.

Jacky H. 

I met Jodi in Valdosta, Georgia when she was teaching 5AM Zumba classes. We became friends and she helped me on my journey to health. The proof is in the pictures. I thank God for Jodi and I am proof that if you put your heart and soul into something, it always pays off.

Kali M. 

I came to Jodi because I knew I wasn't eating enough and wanted help with my macros. I felt like I had a good workout routine so I wasn't interested in the workout plans at the time. I was always someone who relied on a workout partner, otherwise I wouldn't go lift weights, I'd do classes. I hated lifting by myself, it intimidated me. I felt like I was doing everything wrong. It wasn't until my husband started doing Jodi's workout plans through Trainerize that I decided I wanted workout plans that catered to me. I love Trainerize! I am no longer intimidated by the gym because the app has videos that show you how to do the exercise and how to do it properly. The app keeps me accountable for completing my workouts too. I also love that I can contact Jodi for any questions or guidance I might need. Both my husband and I have seen huge changes in our bodies and we couldn't be more pleased with our results. Jodi is someone who knows what she's doing and loves what she does. She keeps both my husband and I motivated to push to get to our goals and we are loving the journey we are on! Thank you Jodi! We can't express how thankful Matt and I are for all your hard work in helping us reach our goals!