Breaking News: There Is No Magic Pill in Life

One of the hardest things for me to get people to understand is that there is NO magic pill when it comes to receiving a clean bill of health. Nevertheless, we are a people who want things here and now. We don’t want to wait. Why do you think fast food is so popular? Fast food chains make billions of dollars off of our impatience. Want to look different, go get a makeover. But if you want to lose weight and keep it off, it won’t happen overnight. No one wants to hear that!

People want the quick fix. They don’t want to have to put in the work for months at a time. Nevertheless, these are the same people who complain when the weight they lost comes back once they stop the diet they’ve been on. Why not take a little extra time to get some good education?

One article states the following:

“In the past few decades we have become the Impatient Nation. We want quick answers to complex problems -- the economy, diseases, personal relations.

We: Speed date. Eat fast food. Use the self-checkout lines in grocery stores. Try the "one weekend" diet. Pay extra for overnight shipping. Honk when the light turns green. Thrive or dive on quarterly earnings reports. Speak in half sentences. Start things but don't fin...

We twitter stories in 140 characters or less, yet some tweets are too long. We cut corners, take shortcuts. We txt.

We have also become impatient with ... wait for it ... impatience.”

Studies show that impatience can be dangerous. This not only occurs when people go on extreme diets to lose weight, but in many other ways as well.

In 2004, a report in the Journal of Biosocial Science linked a rise in American impatience with an increase in obesity. Studies found that as Americans spent more of their income, and saved less, they also gained weight. "People have tried to look at a lot of reasons why Americans are getting so overweight. But nobody has thought about the idea of connecting it to impatience," John Komlos of the University of Munich told WebMD. "If you are willing to forgo present satisfaction for future benefits, you are patient," he said. "If, however, you want your satisfaction right now, then you are going to have that extra dessert and that extra ice cream and you are not going to be able to forgo the pleasures of today." The simple fast pleasures are the same things that are landing us as a people in the hospital. We would rather indulge than learn how to moderate our guilty pleasures. There are no bad foods, just the overuse of foods that don’t do us any good internally. Does this mean we have to eat salads all day? NO! But it takes too long to look up a recipe and learn how to make something that might be more beneficial than that cheesecake you just ate. It would take way too long to learn how to make it healthier. We are impatient. We would rather just eat what’s already there. I’ve been there, believe me.

And in 2007, Science Daily reported that, according to researchers at the University of Bonn and the Institute for the Study of Labor, impatient people may not be as savvy as patient people when it comes to money matters -- and so run a greater risk of financial insecurity. No one wants to pay a higher price tag to learn tools they can use for the rest of their lives. They would rather get something cheap that will give them temporary results. Think about it. Who wants to have to wait to see results in health? They want to be able to fit in that dress quickly. So they go and take drastic measures. They don’t want to have to put in the work. They just want it now. Right now. They have goals but they don’t want to do what it takes to achieve those goals in a healthier way. They would rather just get there…quickly. So they yearn for that magic pill that doesn’t exist. Yet, there are so many companies that claim to have it, we will spend our hard earned money on that instead of something that will really work and be sustainable.

Another subject there is no magic pill for is business. It takes some companies 5-10 years to truly reap the rewards of all the hard work that was put in by the person who had the original idea. So who am I to be frustrated that mine isn’t profitable after only two years? Not only that, but it’s only been a few months since introduced my new business model. Just because I have the business model and my mission is to help others and serve them so they can stop suffering and get the information that will help them for the rest of their lives, does that mean my business is suddenly going to be profitable? No. Not only do I have to get people to understand that there is no magic pill in health and that learning how to eat is the best way to lose weight and keep it off (exactly what we are talking about here), but I also have to tell them that it may take longer than 30 days before they really start seeing results. People do NOT want to hear that. “Wait, I have to pay you more AND it’s going to take longer because I am getting something that I don’t even know will work?' Fear of the unknown becomes the driving force, even though I have testimonials, pictures, AND videos proving it works. They would rather get a meal plan from someone who isn’t qualified to give one, lose weight, and then gain it right back when they stop the crazy diet they’re on. It’s what I deal with on a daily basis. When I interact with those people, I just let them go and I hope that one day they will realize that the quest for the magic pill is just going to send them down a path of destruction. It will do more harm than good and they will never truly learn what they need to learn in order to prevail.

Fact is, no matter what area of life we are talking about, there just simply is no magic pill. It all takes effort. It takes the willingness to want to learn. It takes the one thing that we all will be first to say we don’t have: time. Then we will sit there and waste an hour on social media or watching our favorite TV show right after we make that statement. We don’t have time to track our foods, we don’t have time to go to the gym, we don’t have time to do anything that involves taking care of ourselves. Yet, we turn around and complain when our half efforts aren’t getting us the quick results we yearn for. We lack the one thing that would help in all areas of our lives: patience. We aren’t consistent and we don’t follow through. We lack true desire. We lack persistence. We are too quick to give up when something isn’t going just as we planned. We want it all now. Right now. And if we don’t get it now, we get angry. We blame others. We are so quick to point the finger. Yet we are slow to turn the mirror around on ourselves.

So as you continue looking for that magic pill, I will tell you from experience, it does NOT exist. You can continue wasting money on “Get Skinny Quick” diets and “Get Rich Quick” schemes, but NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will ever take the place of true determination, effort, and patience. There are no overnight fixes. It might work temporarily, but I hate to tell you my friends, it won’t be the cure all to a long-term problem you don’t truly DESIRE to fix.

So go ahead, eat your McDonalds, go waste money on material things and the diets that make you lose weight fast, and continue to be impatient. My only hope is that one day you will begin to realize the only person who can truly change your circumstances is you. You can hire a coach, but if you’re not willing to use what you learn, you still won’t get results. You can go to school and get a degree, but if it’s not in something you are going to use, it’s a waste of time. You can go against all the scientific evidence that suggests the proper way to truly manage your health, but if you’re not willing to continue what you’re doing, it will be a complete waste of time. For anyone who is impatient, the last thing you should want to do is waste more time. Why not put forth a little extra effort and get it right the first time?

Sometimes You Have to Actually Put in the Work in Order to Get Lasting Results - Jodi Watkins

Sometimes You Have to Actually Put in the Work in Order to Get Lasting Results - Jodi Watkins

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