Stop Quitting On You

Why Are You Quitting On You?


“Greatness begins when our deep desires for comfort and ease are overpowered by the desire to connect and contribute” - Quote by Tom Bilyeu

The New Year is among us…2020…how did 2019 serve you? Did you accomplish the goals you set out to achieve?

A mission can not be completed if the mindset is not in the right place.

Have you communicated with others effectively?

Are you transparent or do you try to hide?

Do you let fear guide you?

I think in some ways, we all tend to allow this at some point in our lives. Take it from me, operating from fear will NOT serve you. You will NOT allow yourself to succeed - EVER.

Come to terms with the fear. Write down your fears. Know what you fear.

Do you hide your feelings and pull back due to fear of what others will think?

Do you operate out of fear of failure or fear of success? Sometimes we are so used to things not going our way, that we would rather hold ourselves back from true success unknowingly. Allow that fear to fade as you begin to become more open to the possibilities.

This is where true change and growth occur. 

It’s easy to run the other way and quit or hide from reality. 

It’s more difficult to continue the journey and face the challenges head on. 

It’s easier to blame others and say they didn’t do what they were supposed to do when we don’t achieve certain things. 

It’s more difficult to turn the mirror around and recognize why we won’t allow ourselves to succeed and what we could do differently. However, that mirror will never lie if you are open to receiving the feedback.  

It’s easy to suppress our feelings. It may seem like we are fine when we do this. Just know suppression does NOT equal healing.

It’s more difficult to connect to others at a deeper level, so we tend to pull back before we have to. Then we wonder why we are unable to develop relationships that last and have meaning.  

As humans, we like to stay comfortable. We like to say we want change, but not actually BELIEVE we CAN change. This is due to our outside environment. If we are constantly seeking approval from other people, we will never be satisfied within ourselves. We must identify who we want to be and believe we can achieve greatness in any area of our lives 

Allow yourself to be open and honest and have connecting relationships. Look deep within yourself and find the person you were always meant to be. I pray that you will begin to release yourself from the comfort and begin to allow yourself the need to grow through believing in the possibilities and putting forth the effort to truly achieve what you desire. Desire doesn’t matter if there is no passion or true belief. If we want our situation to change, we must first be willing to be uncomfortable and do things we’ve never done before. 

This is the pathway to true change in any area of our lives. Please take it from someone who has been there, pushing away the people who truly care about you because it’s easier isn’t healthy. It’s not how you achieve greatness in your life or build connecting relationships. Be open to the possibility that people care about you and want great things for you. You must truly want it and you must be open to the possibility of achieving it. If you dismiss things in life, you’ll never truly know how great it could have been. It will become a resentment that you will carry with you. You can’t get the results you want with the same mindset you’ve always had.

Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I desire that for you. 

The journey never stops, but it starts with having the proper mindset. Without that, transformation will not and can not occur.

Stop Quitting on Yourself. If you are willing to let yourself down, you will continue to allow yourself to quit.

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